Bennett Clayton Products

Bennett Clayton Distributed Power

Bennett Clayton has an integrated Solar and Gas power solution available, in conjunction with ComAp and PWA. The units are suitable for 80KW to 400KW (max continuous), and offer world leading efficiency, emissions and reliability solution. Using the proven 6068 power units, combined with 6 or 12Kw of solar panels, 20Kw hrs of storage and super capacitor transition cover, this unit, sized for 3 Peak Sun Hours (Winter in Central Australia) will provide baseload power with no grid connection. Grid connection with synchronising , peak lopping capabilities, grid backup and grid paralleling are all optional

Bennett Clayton Trigeneration

The Bennett Clayton Agricultural motor was re-engineered to power a Trigeneration system operating on natural gas. The installation won a Green Globe award in 2012, and was a finalist in the Australian Clean Tech Awards 2012. The multi fuel capability means that the system will also operate on bio fuels such as Ethanol or Methanol, if desired.

LPG Pump

A John Deere 6068 diesel engine was remanufactured incorporating a Bennett Clayton LPG conversion.
The engine has been developed on order for an agricultural application powering a deep bore water pump. More…

Heavy Duty Engines

While there is significant research and development on alternative and renewable fuels undertaken worldwide, there are currently few market-ready clean fuel alternatives for heavy transport. Fewer still are alternative fuels that do not compete with food production, or, that can be deployed without major infrastructure development. More…