LPG Pump

LPG Pump

A John Deere 6068 diesel engine was remanufactured incorporating a Bennett Clayton LPG conversion.
The engine has been developed on order for an agricultural application powering a deep bore water pump.
Engine No.1 of the type was developed as a proof-of-concept and development bed. It has been in field operation since April 2009 delivering the following performance benchmarks:

  • pumping costs reduced from AU$51/Ml to AU$38/Ml
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction of 11%
  • Regulated emissions reduced by up to 92%. Particulates reduced by 99.9%

In addition to the fuel and ignition systems that can be seen on the outside, there are 54 components inside the engine that are changed from John Deere specification. Each of these parts are carefully engineered to create a product that can support multi fuel combustion, while retaining the rugged John Deere crank and block.

Sophisticated combustion design, and thoughtful engineering are required to produce a motor that is simple and maintenance friendly, yet super clean and efficient.

This engine will provide years of service, using LPG, and is ready for future alcohol fuels.


Bennett Clayton pump at Rice Farm, Deniliquin, Australia