Increasingly, oil dependant industries are searching for solutions to escalating fuel costs; the ever growing pressure to improve productivity; cope with increasing regulation and the imperative of reducing greenhouse gases (GHG). Worldwide, alternative fuels are quickly becoming a viable solution to these problems, and Bennett Clayton provides the enabling technologies to meet these challenges today.

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Bennett Clayton Engine Technology

Bennett Clayton Pty. Ltd. is an Award Winning engine development company specialising in the development and implementation of alternative fuel engines.

The technology, invented and patented by John Bennett in the 1990’s, enables the conversion of diesel engines to a range of alternative and/or renewable fuels including LPG, LNG and bio-alcohols (including methanol and ethanol). These engines are designed to operate in traditional heavy-duty applications delivering significant improvements in fuel efficiency; power, and reduced emissions.

Bennett Clayton’s current development focus is principally on stationary gas engines, as these fuels are locally produced; widely available and supported by a well established and extensively distribution infrastructure.

Alternative fuelled engines have been implemented in a range of stationary and mobile diesel engines including MAN metropolitan transport buses; Mercedes Benz trucks; London taxis; Nissan utility truck; Toyota Landcruiser truck and on stationary engines used for deep bore water pumping, electricity generation, and Trigeneration.

In every case, the converted engines have delivered significant benefits in terms of emissions; running costs and operational improvement.

Bennett Clayton engines are essentially multi-fuel ready and can be optimised to other fuels, such as bio-alcohols, with little adjustment and modification.

Bennett Clayton delivers customer product requirements right first time by implementing a rigorous and comprehensive product quality assurance; reliance on high integrity materials; meticulous process control; and by embedding quality engineering in processes, procedures and team ethic.